Top 5 Best Free Related Post Plugins For WordPress

I already made post for top 10 wordpress plugins. Here I am going to explain you top 5 related post plugin to display related post on your site. Related post are better way to increase blog engagement and using this your readers spend more time on your blog. So here I reveal the best 5 related post plugin to display  related posts.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

YARPP gives you opportunity to display pages, posts, and custom post types related to the current entry and displays related content on your site.

Some useful features of YARPP :

  • Thumbnails or list view of related content
  • Related post, pages and displays custom post type
  • Templating: Different types of templates available to display related content
  • Related posts in feed: This plugin also displays related posts in feeds


This related post plugin displays related posts with the thumbnails. You can select how many posts to displays as a related post.

Some useful features of Wp-Thumbie :

  • Displays related post with the thumbnail feature. No need to edit template.
  • This plugin doesn’t use any custom field to display thumbnails.
  • You can manually add code where to display Wp-thumbie.
  • Displays related posts based on content and title.


Best plugin to displays related content on your site. I am using this plugin on my site. Installing and configuring this plugin is really easy. This plugin provide various templates to display related post.

Some useful features of Nrelate :

  • Automatically displays before and after post
  • It also has widgets to place.
  • You can use nrelate-related() function in your theme.

Related post thumbnails

This is another simple plugin to display related posts. This related post plugin also allows you to displays thumbnails size, display setting and relations. You can easily translate plugin language.

Some usefull features of related post thumbnails :

  • You can specify number of related posts to display.
  • This plugin also allows you to displays thumbnails size.
  • You can use [related-posts-thumbnails] short code .
  • You can also customize background colors, borders.

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What is A Blog and How to create it A Blog ?

I already explains you the difference between a Blog and a Website. Though blogging is increasing in a cyberspace there are majority of people who doesn’t know about what is a blog or what is blogging. I feel all these people deserve to know about what is blog and how to create it with some other questions related to blog .This post helps you to find the answer of question arises in your mind regarding with the blog. Here is a short tutorial help you to find answers of four important questions in  most people’s mind.

1. What is A Blog?what is blog

2. How to create A Blog?

3. Can I make money with blogging?

4. What is wordpress or blogger?

1. What is A Blog?

A blog is a web log that a blogger makes for chronological listing of that blog posts. A blog has its most recent content shown at the top followed by the later updated content.

A blog is like a online notebook diary. Yes, that’s it. What do write in a diary? Of course the stuffs we like, the stuffs that are important some help full tips .Your Diary is only limited to you but with the online diary like a blog you can share your knowledge to the world.

So in short a blog is a personal website where you can write about the things you like and share with the millions of people worldwide.

2. How to create A Blog?

Yes I know this is a most important question .Creating a blog is totally free. Anyone can create a blog; there are free services available like blogger or wordpress. Just sign up for any service and create a blog. And most important these services are absolutely free. Anyone can create a blog without paying anything!

3. Can I make money with blogging?

For creating a blog you pay nothing instead you earn in $$!  Yes I am not kidding friends you can earn with your blog from $ 100 to $ 10,000 monthly. Yes it’s true here are some blogs with their monthly income report:

1) Smartpassiveincome –   Earning :  86,262.53  USD per Month

2)                     –  Earning : 36000 USD per Month

3) SHOUTMELOUD          –   Earning : 11000 USD per Month

Plus you can make friends in the blogosphere and earn respect in the eyes of thousands of people worldwide. But all this  happens with the little hard work and patience. Yes, without hard work you’ll get nothing in thing world, especially money.

And the best thing I have experienced is that you can learn new things every second.

4. What is wordpress or blogger?

In simple word wordpress or blogger are the tools available online where you can create your blog.

Blogger provides you online service and free hosting where you can place your blog online. There are various tools available in blogger , you can completely customize template of your blog, add widgets available by blogger

What is the difference between Blog and Website?

When anyone started blogging often one question arises in every beginners mind that what is the difference between a blog and website ? So, let’s just clear the air and reveal the difference between a blog and a website.

The main difference between a blog and a website is the difference in how data is being presented on it. But Apart from that, in practicality there is a fine line between a blog and a website, which makes blog differ from a website.

There are some basic differences between them. So, let’s just clear out the air and reveal the difference between a blog and a website.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a web log that a blogger makes for chronological listing of that blog posts. A blog has its most recent content shown at the top followed by the later updated content.

A blog can be easily started with the online services available like WordPress, Blogger, etc.

Blogger provides you free service and is good to start blogging. WordPress costs you to setup a blog. The advantage on wordpress is that it provides you more number of plugins , themes , customizable templates.

Some basic identification of Blog:

  • A chronological listing of blog posts.
  • Blog posts are archived by date, time, author, category, tags and.
  • A commenting system that invites readers to comments and to participate in a communication.
  • In short we can say blog is a personal website, where you can share your knowledge to the readers.
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds for posts and/or comments for feed-readers like Feedburner , feedly etc.

What is a Website?

The website is different from blog in some manner. A website can be anything, anything on the internet shown with HTML/CSS /javascript/php/asp can be said as a website. The home page of the website is used to brows other pages on the website and not just a post. Building a eye caching website is a time consuming task but there are some software available in market to build websites like adobe dreamweaver.A website can be anything ranging from one page to billion user website like facebook, gmail.

Some basic identification of a website:

  • A homepage that displays content often loads as a first page of a website.
  • A design portfolio of work.
  • Pages are link to each another. You can submit data and website process over it.
  • A Frequently asked questions page that readers can browse to get more information.
  • A Contact form that allows visitors to complaint or to get in touch.

WordPress badly needs a better Theme Editor

Now that’s not a speculation. It’s a sad fact. As a matter of fact it’s disgusting. It’s something that should have been accomplished long time ago. It’s kinda absurd to try and think of what are they waiting for. WordPress Theme Editor sucks, always have. Despite that themes are easy to activate and customize, but it’s a pain in the ass to edit one within WP. Why, why, why?! (yelling out loud!).

Love me or hate me but I take no justification for this. I’m sure you don’t either. WordPress as the most popular blogging platform has a lame Theme Editor. The same applies to Plugin Editor too, for it’s no better than the alike. This situation would raise many curious questions but I honestly don’t want to go into all that. I think it’s really not worth discussing about it, or maybe it is. Well actually it is something to discuss about, and that of a high importance.