How to Organize a Research Project

Hello everyone. Most articles or posts require that you do some research to get the background information you need and to find expert references. When I first started writing online I would do searches and then bookmark articles I wanted to return to.

Unfortunately, when it was time to find the info again, I frequently couldn’t find it at all or ended up arduously opening one URL after another from my list of bookmarked pages. I realized that I was spending more time trying to locate information than I was writing…and my hourly rate was very low. I knew I needed to find a better way to get organized at work. So I did some research…and found Evernote.

Evernote is a free software (yes there is also an upgrade and it’s very reasonable) which I have grown to love dearly. Information is accessible from any device onto which you have downloaded Evernote. This includes smart phones, iPads, laptops, netbooks and anything else you use…so you have access from anywhere.

When I start a new project like a website or an article I create a notebook on Evernote. Then I keep notes of ideas I have, checklists and to-do lists and best of all…website info. Evernote has a program called webclipper which allows you to find info you want online, highlight the relevant parts (including the whole page if you want it) and add it to whichever notebook you specify. It also captures the title of the page and the URL. This is a huge time saver and I suggest you check it out.

How do you keep your web searches and your writing research organized? Let me know.