Overcoming Anxiety with Online Writing Journal

More and more young people suffer from anxiety due to the exposure to so much information. There are seemingly an unlimited number of sources that give us information, knowledge and things to do that we can barely keep things together in our heads.

It’s gotten to a point where some people are prone to leaving the internet all together because they just can’t manage their restlessness. But how can you overcome your anxiety with a few simple tricks, right here on the internet? By keeping an online journal open and writing about it, of course!

Writing an online journal is easier than it seems. All you have to do is open a free account at a website such as Penzu and start typing away within minutes. What’s more important is how, when and why you are writing, giving you plenty of options when it comes to fighting anxiety.

Immediate emotions

It’s good to have a way of writing just about anything you feel at the moment. An online journal allows you to start writing and expressing your emotions in just a few simple clicks. The good thing about an online journal is that it’s always available no matter where you are. You could be at college, riding a train or sitting in a classroom – if you feel like it, you write things down immediately.

There is no need to keep a notebook with you or think about the number of pages, having a pen with you or simply carrying the notebook wherever you go. Writing down immediate emotions that you feel in the heat of the moment is essential to overcoming anxiety issues. You can then reflect on what you wrote down and think of ways to overcome those problems once you calm down.

Boosting self-confidence

A great way to boost your confidence by writing is keeping a journal of all of your fears and insecurities. Since your journal is online and safe on your phone, tablet or PC, there is no risk of anyone seeing your writing. You can write down anything you feel like – from school crushes, parent issues and grade problems to life questions that bother you at night.

These expressions will help you fight your own lack of confidence by giving you a clear indication of what’s going on. If you can see the words on your screen, you can easily think about concrete ways of fighting those problems. Creating a small checklist of insecurities is a great idea as well – you can then start scratching off those goals one by one until you feel like you’ve overcome something. This will help you grow not only more confident but more mature as a person.


Keeping a journal also means doodling and writing down anything that comes to your mind. You can use the journal to help you finish homework and paper assignments faster or simply to draw. Drawing your fears in picturesque forms is a great way to visualize what’s bothering you and give it a concrete form.

You can also turn your scribbles and notes into proper papers by using academic essay writers’ reviews and checking out a couple of professional writing platforms that will happily lend you a hand. Remember that everything goes when it comes to brainstorming. Just let your fingers type and see what you can come up with – perhaps a latent anxiety will rear its head.


Turning your fears and insecurities into characters and writing stories and essays is a great way to overcome them. You can put aside a couple of hours each day and focus on writing a story. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct or formatted like a proper book – what’s important is that it’s honest. You can come up with simple scenarios for those characters and then give them a reason to become good again.

Giving your anxiety issues an actual form in writing a story and making them living, breathing characters will give you a sense of power over them. You can then make them disappear by the end of the story or turn into a positive character trait. Use these stories whenever you need a confidence boost or an idea about how to overcome your issues. It will help you whenever you have a panic attack and need a way to relax.

Talking to yourself

Everyone who writes tends to talk to themselves every once in a while. The phrase “I need an expert opinion” was coined by writers because they are the ones who craft the stories they are writing. You can write mails or letters to yourself and never open them again – or you can send those months down the line and surprise yourself with a pleasant read.

This is a great way to know yourself a bit more than you otherwise would. Talking to an expert and consulting a psychiatrist is a great way to overcome anxiety issues. Talking to ourselves once in a while might just do the same. If your creativity is above average you should definitely write to yourself and about yourself as much as you can. There is no greater joy than meeting yourself for the first time and knowing what makes you tick and what’s really bothering you – all of that by looking in the mirror and meeting yourself for the first time in a while.

Future steps

Overcoming anxiety is a huge deal for many people. They tend to blow it out of proportions and make the problems even worse because they don’t know how to cope with it on their own. Writing an online journal is an amazing way to kick start that fight and become whole again. While it won’t come overnight, there should be visible progress soon after you start writing a journal. Don’t give in to your doubts and give it a shot as soon as possible.