10 Strategies for Outsourcing Marketing

Outsourcing marketing is one of the best ways to use your outsourcers.

Many marketing tasks are simple and repetitious and can easily be delegated to your team.

Train your outsourcers well and you will be free to develop the vision of your marketing instead of getting lost in the details.

What Marketing Tasks Can be Outsourced?

  1. Newsletters. Create a standard format for your email newsletters and have your outsourcers write and send them. Develop an editorial schedule and your newsletters will never be late again.
  2. Social media. Strangely, one of the best ideas for outsourcing marketing is to teach your outsourcer to be you. Train your outsourcer to monitor and update your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. He or she can write responses to your fans and keep conversations lively and active. Give him strategies to run contests, create events and start discussions. Teach him to get followers and build your fan list. Virtually all social media marketing can be outsourced.
  3. Backlinking. Teach your outsourcers to make blog comments, bookmark articles and submit your site to directories to create a robust backlinking plan. Over time, your pages will increase their page rank and your blog or site will gain more traffic.
  4. Article marketing. Have your outsourcers write articles and submit them to article directories to gain backlinks and credibility. Your outsourcers can also spin and rewrite articles to increase your content.
  5. Customer service. One of the best strategies for outsourcing marketing is to use your outsourcer for customer service. Have your outsourcer check your email and give her instructions on how to solve common problems and answer typical questions.While your outsourcer monitors your emails, have her screen the lists that you subscribe to. If she flags emails that are particularly informative or pertinent, you save time by skipping your junk email.
  6. Graphic Design. A lot of marketing needs strong, catchy graphics. Have a graphic designer on your outsourcing team and use that person for business cards, headers, opt-in boxes and blog design. Strong graphics mean strong conversion rates.
  7. Video Editing. By creating Powerpoints, title slides, editing and uploading, a video editor can handle all the technical tasks of video production and increase your video presence easily. All you have to do is record your videos.
  8. Advertising. If you run PPC, PPV, Facebook Ads, or any other advertising campaigns, put advertising on the top of your list for outsourcing your marketing. Teach your outsourcers to monitor your campaigns, make adjustments and keep them fresh. Train your team to scale your campaigns.
  9. Niche and Keyword Research. Outsourcing the marketing for your business includes all research for new markets. Have your team research keywords and niches so you can move to new markets with a fraction of the work.
  10. Blog Development. Outsourcers can do everything from designing and uploading your blog to writing blog posts and implementing your SEO plan.

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