Social Media Revolution

I came across this video over the weekend at a 4 day Internet Marketing Conference. It was interesting to track it down in YouTube and then read some (but not ALL – as there are hundreds!) of the comments. Many people seem outraged at the statistics and think that the video is clearly misleading. I tend to agree with some of these sentiments, however; one things this video does make clear is that Social Media really is a phenomenon – even if the stats are exaggerated in this video.

Judging by some of the people I met over the weekend, there is definitely HUGE opportunity for using Social Media in business. To me it is the viral nature of Social Media and the power of referrals that make it such a powerful weapon in your online marketing campaign. Anyone who has a Facebook or Twitter account will tell you that they often click on links to check something out – whether it be a link someone has posted on their page or one they discover on one of their ‘friends’ pages.

I often stumble across products or services I would normally have never known about if it hadn’t been for my Social Media account. And it’s only human nature that when you come across something you like, you then tell other people about it…and then they tell their friends about it… You see how this is viral?

So – enjoy the video, don’t get too caught up in the accuracy of the stats BUT I hope you do start to get an understanding of the incredible benefits of using Social Media to promote your business.

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