[Be Different]: Create a Visual Resume

So you’ve delved into the world of social media and want to start using the tools to build your online presence. You started with cleaning up your Facebook profile of incriminating alcohol-filled photos, you set up a professional profile on LinkedIn and maybe even signed up for Twitter. Yet job application after job application you are filling in the same information about your experience here and there, your education and qualifications and why you would like to work for this specific company. How is social media going to help when everybody just wants to see your CV or resume?

Why Have a Visual Resume

Be different.

Whilst there is a lot of value in having a tailored, up-to-date and effective paper resume on hand to send to potential employers (and here is a great presentation on how such a document should look like), you can also differentiate yourself through creating a document that is more visual, more interactive, more representative of who you actually are as a person and what you could bring to the company.

Visual resume allows you to make a different impression. You can be much more succint in your writing and also more persuasive. A picture is worth a thousand words and visual resume gives you the opportunity to show off some of your best projects or ideas in a way that is simply impossible to convey in text form. It also serves as a great way to finally prove those excellent presentation skills you claim to have!

Example of My Visual Resume

So how does a visual resume actually look like?

Want to create one for yourself?

Top Tips for Creating Your Visual Resume

  • Don’t write an essay –> Remember that you’re going for visual rather than text focus. You can put all the details on your text resume. In the visual version, focus on being concise and conveying ideas in clear terms.
  • Use quality images –> A visual presentation of yourself requires professional-looking images. To look for these try Flickr Creative Commons licensed photos.
  • Keep it short –> Do you really think a prospective employer will have time to click through your 100 slides?
  • Don’t just copy off your text resume –> You want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the applicants…so do it! Use different phrases, present interesting case studies, point to your side projects. Don’t lose your chance to make an impression simply by reiterating what the company has already seen.
  • Be innovative –> Following on from previous point: Think about what sort of content you could put in. Is there a way you can prove your expertise? Engaging and persuasive way to show off your references?
  • Find your voice –> A visual form of your resume will require employment of a slightly different tone than a factual text-based CV. Keep it professional but also show that you’re a person, ready to engage with your viewers.
  • Point the reader to your other social media outlets
  • Use Slideshare.net and make this an integral part of your online presence

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