How to Stand Out in Your Job Search. Or in Life. Part III

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This is Part III of a three-part series on how you can be creative and stand out in your job search and more generally when selling yourself anywhere else.

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Using Slideshare and a targeted social media campaign

We’ve looked at using a website as well as a blog and community-building techniques to promote yourself in your job search. But what about a truly comprehensive campaign using multiple social media tools?

It’s difficult to look for a job in a city far away from your current location. When Laura Gainor found out that she and her husband had to relocate to Milwaukee, she decided to be proactive and use Slideshare and other social media tools to target a position at a specific company.

What Laura did:

  • She researched potential companies of interest in the Milwaukee area through web and twitter search and started following their employees and brands on Twitter.
  • Reacted very quickly to a tweet about an open position posted by Comet Branding on Twitter.
  • Started a comprehensive social media campaign #LauraGainorToMilwaukee – using Foursquare, SquarePik, Youtube and Slideshare.
  • Caught the company’s attention through a creative photo campaign in the actual location. Laura made sure the company’s representatives were tagged in every tweet she used in the campaign and were thus informed constantly about her efforts.
  • By targeting a specific company, she could truly tailor all of her interactionstowards gaining the specific position.
  • She put together a visual resume and showcased both her campaign as well as skills and experience.

Laura got the job! With a bit of effort and lots of creativity, she was able to differentiate herself from all the other applicants for this post and show that she would really fit into the team.

What do you think about Laura’s approach?

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