How to Stand Out in Your Job Search. Or in Life. Part I

Here I’d like to share with you a few strategies that caught my eye and that may help you stand out not only in your job search but also in selling yourself in life more generally. Don’t forget that you can also use visual resumes.

  • Part I: Using a job search website targeted to a specific company
  • Part II: Using a targeted blog and building community
  • Part III: Using Slideshare and a targeted social media campaign

Using a job search website targeted to a specific company

I thought I was doing my best during my job search to customise every piece of content I was sending out to specific companies. And maybe I was, within the time constraints, putting reasonable effort into this. Yet I could have definitely done more and my problem lay in a lack of proper focus.

I should have learned from this guy:

Jason Zimdars, a graphic designer, created a website focused specifically on getting him a position at 37signals.

Jasonscreenshot How to Stand Out in Your Job Search. Or in Life. Part I

What Jason did:

  • Avoided generic job applications. He targeted a specific company and tailored all of his content towards showing how he would be perfect for this one company and for this one job.
  • Researched everything about the company. Their past projects, what others are saying about them, company culture, their products as well as people within the company.
  • Explained why he wants the job and also why he’d be perfect for it.
  • Showed examples of his previous work projects and also included his resume.
  • He was proactive and gave insight into what his work for this specific company would look like. He did this by including a redesign of one of their web pages and showing his creative process. This way, the company wouldn’t be hiring “a rabbit in a hat” but someone whose quality of work they were able to judge beforehand.
  • Showed his personality and interests.

Ultimately, he made himself their most interesting and innovative applicant and clearly stood out from the crowd. And the result? You guessed it: he was hired!

Do you have any examples of creative job search using new web technologies?

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