Google’s Softer Panda Update Coming Soon

At SMX West event held last March 11-13, 2014, Matt Cutts of Google announced that they are currently working on a ‘next generation’ panda update that will soften the algorithm. No release date yet was given but Matt said that the update will help small businesses that maybe affected by Panda update. People in some forums like webmasterworld are then discussing about it. Some of them are very positive:


To me, this is the best news I’ve heard in a year+. It gives me some reason to hope. That’s a MAJOR shift in my mentality regarding what Google traffic I’ve been able to maintain.

I can’t imagine why this isn’t being praised by people here. I’ve been smashed for sure. The fact that something will shift for the better? That’s surprising. Sure, nothing guaranteed but I can say this. Unless there is a shift of some kind, I have next to zero hope for Google organic traffic. If they stayed the course, I’m moving on. In a large part I have moved on which means I won’t lose any sleep if this turns out to me “much ado about nothing”.

I’m Mr. Negative, but this thread gives me hope. Thanks for that.

There are some though that are not very convince about the goal of the update:


Mind you, that has nothing to do with whether a “softer, gentler Panda” will benefit small Web sites and small businesses. 


Agreed. The major problem facing small companies is ‘brand bias’. It’s also Google’s main problem, and it’s severely debasing their search results. If they cannot see that then they have entered the dogma stage. 

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