WordPress badly needs a better Theme Editor

Now that’s not a speculation. It’s a sad fact. As a matter of fact it’s disgusting. It’s something that should have been accomplished long time ago. It’s kinda absurd to try and think of what are they waiting for. WordPress Theme Editor sucks, always have. Despite that themes are easy to activate and customize, but it’s a pain in the ass to edit one within WP. Why, why, why?! (yelling out loud!).

Love me or hate me but I take no justification for this. I’m sure you don’t either. WordPress as the most popular blogging platform has a lame Theme Editor. The same applies to Plugin Editor too, for it’s no better than the alike. This situation would raise many curious questions but I honestly don’t want to go into all that. I think it’s really not worth discussing about it, or maybe it is. Well actually it is something to discuss about, and that of a high importance.

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