WordPress badly needs a better Theme Editor

Now that’s not a speculation. It’s a sad fact. As a matter of fact it’s disgusting. It’s something that should have been accomplished long time ago. It’s kinda absurd to try and think of what are they waiting for. WordPress Theme Editor sucks, always have. Despite that themes are easy to activate and customize, but it’s a pain in the ass to edit one within WP. Why, why, why?! (yelling out loud!).

Love me or hate me but I take no justification for this. I’m sure you don’t either. WordPress as the most popular blogging platform has a lame Theme Editor. The same applies to Plugin Editor too, for it’s no better than the alike. This situation would raise many curious questions but I honestly don’t want to go into all that. I think it’s really not worth discussing about it, or maybe it is. Well actually it is something to discuss about, and that of a high importance.

AOL Mail Hacked – Things you need to know

Still using AOL email? Now is probably the right time to change. Of course this won’t be easy and maybe not even an option if your AOL email has been with you for years. Unfortunately, AOL has been hacked and according to their Help page, your account has been compromised if:

  • Your Sent folder contains emails you didn’t send.
  • Your Inbox contains mailing errors or MAILER-DAEMON messages for email you didn’t send. In this case, your account may have been spoofed.
  • People you know tell you about email they received from you that you know you didn’t send.
  • You’re continually bumped offline when you’re signed into your account.
  • Your Display Name has been changed or looks odd.

Top 5 best PPC Advertising Networks For bloggers

PPC advertise networks are the most profitable way to make money online. There are lots of PPC advertising networks available online. But the main question before every blogger is which PPC advertising network anyone should choose. To illustrate this in a simple way I made one post of Top 10 PPC advertising Networks For bloggers online.

What is PPC/CPC ad Networks ?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click it also called as Cost Per Click (CPC).These advertising networks pay site owners or publishers when visitors click on ads.

Pay Per click is calculated as :

Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost ($) ÷ Ads clicked (#)

  • Google Adsense

    No doubt this is the best advertising network to use because of its high paying returns. The best thing about this advertising network is that it gives you high returns and Google adsense have millions of advertisers. Google adsense gives you total control of what type of ads will be appeared on your blog. You can use site metrics and daily report from that its easy to check how you are doing with which advertise. But the disadvantage of this network is that getting approved from Google adsense is not that easy. Your blog must follow all the guidelines mentioned by Google very strictly. They don’t approve any application that much easily and hence they are providing great quality.

advertising network

  • Media Net

Media Net advertising network is actually Yahoo Bing ad network .Two big internet companies like yahoo and Microsoft actually had to combine to create advertising network which will compete Google adsense. Media Net provides you with various tools to track your performance. You can choose from various types of ads. To use this advertising network it is required to use English as a sites primary language. Beside form that getting approved with this network is difficult, Your site must have huge numbers of unique visitors.

  • Bidvertiser

This  is really useful advertising network especially if you are banned from the Google adsense for some reason. This advertisers does not allow adult material on site as well as those sites which sell illegal such as drugs. You can’t join if your site is under construction. There is no need regarding the blog traffic and language used..You can easily change the appearance of advertisements and easy installation of with the single code installation. The payments rate are not as good compared to the clicks but you can easily earn money with conversations as well.

  • Chitika

The best thing about chitika is you can use this network with other advertising network as well. And yes this is considered as the best advertising network for adsense banned site. Approval process is not so hard and your dite can be approved easily . Approval process may take up to a week. You can easily resize the ad appearance . The PPC rates are depends upon your niche. There is very low payout of $10 with Paypal and $50 by check.

  • Infolinks

The infolinks advertising network is one of the most popular ad network for those who is using another PPC network. They offer various advertisement like insearch ad, intext, intag, inframe advertisements. The visitors only have to hover over the advertisements only to appear ad. The approval process is very easy and only few sites get disapproved. This is the best network to start with.