Announcing the “6cities in 12 months” experiment

Some of us are more restless than others. I’ve always felt like I need to keep moving – and not just in the physical sense. I plummeted through high school, taking on as many extracurricular and other projects as possible (including international conferences, MUN, work experience abroad) while holding down an English-teaching part-time job since the age of 15. In my senior year I did the unthinkable and applied to one of the best universities in the world, just so I could never regret not giving it a try, and it somehow worked out. For three years Cambridge was an amazing challenge in every possible way, followed by this first post-graduation year in the ‘real world’, learning as much as I can at my first job. I just somehow have an urge to keep moving. There is my new experiment.

My new challenge, adventure and experiment

And so here I am today, announcing the new challenge and one of the most exciting adventures so far.

I’m staying in the UK till the end of July 2011 and then, after a nice little break in Prague, setting off on an amazing year of travel, location independence and world soaking. And I can’t wait!

The 6cities experiment

What better way to experience and explore the world than to set up temporary roots in some of its greatest locations?

Come October, I’ll be diving into what I’ve started calling my ’6cities experiment’. I’ll be working part-time for my current company (with the blessing of my lovely employers), just from different parts of the world. The plan is to roughly spend 2 months in each of the 6 cities: Bangkok, Sydney, San Francisco, Quito, Buenos Aires, and Paris.

I’ll, in effect, be a digital nomad/technomad/location independent professional/remote worker or any other appropriate term and I couldn’t be more excited!

This will be a very exciting journey into just how much we can push social media and other tools of the 2.0 world in searching for the life that we’ve always imagined. What if you could, actually, work from anywhere in the world? How would it work practically and how difficult is it to make the most of these tools from different locations?

Stick around and find out as I blog about my experiment at getting the most out of Life With Social Media!

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